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Wine investing and trading I: the Market

Investing and trading in wine can be a joyful or painful experience. Joyful if you have made a super 300% return upon liquidating a wine which you have held for 5 years or you are making healthy margins at a high turnover rate. Painful if you are shifting some wines very slowly at slim margins or you only just break even upon liquidating some wine which you have held for a while. By the time you factor in storage costs, inflation, logistics, FTSE-index matching, etc.; you will inevitably ask why you put yourself through all these in the first place. When the going gets tough, some traders and investors console themselves by telling themselves that they put themselves through all the pain for the love of the wine – which is acceptable, I suppose. Not in the Epicurean sense, of course, but I digress… In the next series of blogposts, I will introduce a set of trading tools developed by WineQuant (WQ) which can be used to understand the mechanics behind wine trading and investment. Supply and …