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Wine with Wiener

In the spirit of “everything is a remix“,  Blind Willie McTell (“I jump ’em from other writers, but I arrange them my own way”), the florilegium and, of course, wine, which we believe is the best example of the uniquely human capacity to mix and arrange nature to good taste: here are some thoughts on wine value, wine critics and the “façon” of wine. The following essay on wine’s value is adapted from Norbert Wiener’s The Human Use of Human Beings, the work of a visionary mathematical genius, which is once again strikingly relevant as notions of “Artificial Intelligence“, “Cognitive Computing“, etc., enter the imaginations of Davos-goers,  our newspapers and the stories we tell ourselves and each other: it’s the programme of Cybernetics reloaded, old wine in new bottles. Let’s squeeze it for what it’s worth. Information about a wine’s quality is fickle, for the amount of information communicated is related to the non-additive quantity known as entropy (we could say that entropy increases as the wine ages, styles change and fakes dilute the market) and differs from it by its …