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In vino veritas

Ever since I moved back to Brunei in April 2015, I have made several trips to Hong Kong. I like Hong Kong very much – it is a vibrant city, filled with culinary delights at every corner. More importantly, I get to see and meet up with old friends I have there, some of whom I have been in close contact since we left a Quaker boarding school a long time ago. One such person is Herman Lam, General Manager of a wine merchant business which he founded back in 2013. We would catch up over very nice wines and delicious food. Hong Kong is a fantastic place to drink wines – especially premium ones. This is mainly due to zero duty and sales tax on wines passed by a former Chief Executive who always donned a fancy bowtie and was very fond of his clarets and cigars. The range of wines one can get and find in the local wine scene keeps expanding and improving. I’ve never failed to be captivated. One gem which I came …