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Wine investing and trading II: Provenance

The next few blogpost in this series are adapted from reports available on the WineQuant website which you can find here and here. In this post, I will discuss why I have chosen to use trading data available from Liv-Ex. Liv-Ex is the foremost wine-exchange platform on the UK wine scene. Traders with accounts there are able to put their offerings for others to bid. Trading activity is high and the platform gives a nice snapshot into the fine-wine market scene in the UK. There is a lot of trading data available on the platform such as the number of bottles available on the market, monthly highs-and-lows, auction bids and so forth. Non-trade users can use a subsidiary service from Liv-Ex called Cellar-Watch which gives access to some of the trading data available. One of the main strengths of the Liv-Ex platform is its provenance-verification certificate called Standard in Bond (SIB). On the regulations section of Liv-Ex’s website, wines that are given this status must obey the following conditions: the original wooden packaging must be in good condition, …