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Data & Wine

We are delighted to welcome WineQuant associate Iqbal Hossain to the blog. Iqbal has eight years of experience in wine-data and IT, so read carefully! What is the difference between a Data and an IT professional in the Wine Trade? Eight years ago the answer to this question would have been none. For a long time they were expected to carry out the same roles and responsibilities in this industry. If someone was hired in a data role, they were by default assumed to be good with setting up printers, installing software and dealing with the blue screen of death, along with all of the other responsibilities that IT support has in an organisation. However, things have started to change. These days investment in wine requires a lot more data-driven intelligence and decision making. This is how some of the traders globally have started to think, but there are a lot more who still prefer the traditional way of trading and are as yet uninfluenced by technology. For some, resisting change is a natural instinct. For the majority of the wine trade …